How to open a franchise without money?

The economic panorama that has been dragging on since the crisis hit our country has made the financial companies much more conservative and cautious when it comes to offering financing and giving that economic support to entrepreneurs.

One quite attractive business model that many are betting on is that of franchises. However, it is well known that opening a franchise means investing a good amount of money. However, we will tell you, if possible, how to open a franchise without money.

Can you set up a franchise without money?

In a rather complicated financial scenario, it is quite attractive to be able to set up a franchise without money. However, we will not deceive you, this is quite complicated.

Normally, to start a franchise, you will have to pay an initial fee (the amount of which will depend on the specific franchise, it will not be the same, for example, want to start a Burger King than a smaller franchise and much less known), and other expenses to start and put the business.

Nevertheless, we know that a franchise implies a good investment. But this model of business has also known how to adapt to the new economic panorama and new models have arisen in which one has the opportunity to invest, but a much more reduced amount.

We tell you some of the possibilities about how to open a franchise without money:

1. Franchises at zero cost

Franchises at zero cost offer very favourable economic conditions for those who decide to be a franchisee.
Why is this? This favourable condition of opening the franchise without money can be given in two ways:

Either because the start up of the franchise is totally financed, either by the central franchiser or by a bank.

Another possibility of opening a franchise without money is that the franchise has a zero entry fee.

There is also room in this section to talk about microfranchises. These are a type of franchise that requires a minimum investment, very close to zero. This makes them a really tempting alternative for those who are just starting out in the adventure of entrepreneurship.

The current economic situation, where there is great difficulty in accessing financing, means that this type of franchise at zero cost is a great alternative. They are much more affordable from an economic point of view and are a great alternative for investment and self-employment.

Some of these franchises at zero cost are, for example, Alquiler sin riesgo, Opencel, Zona Verde Consumables, Estetic Body, City Plan or Lipotherm Center.

2. Online franchise without premises

Given the current situation, which is characterised by a lack of resources, another type of franchise that is also very fashionable is the online franchise without premises. This is the most striking alternative for today’s entrepreneurs, given the resounding success that online businesses are having. Thus, franchises have reinvented their business model concept and offer new alternatives to entrepreneurs.

The proliferation of businesses and franchises without premises in recent years makes it possible and quite viable to bet on an online franchise without premises. However, the fact that it does not have premises does not mean that it is completely zero cost. It will be a franchise with a lower cost, but not a franchise without money.

And what online franchises without premises exist? The most prominent are mobile app brands, such as Local App or other marketing and communication franchises, such as SMSpro, or online real estate franchises, such as Expofinques or RH Properties.

Now that you know how to open a franchise without money, or with a small investment, it is time to assess whether it is the business model you need to undertake.