How to choose a franchise?

How do I know which franchise to choose? Is there any way to know if that franchise is reliable or not? Knowing how to choose a suitable franchise to start a new project is vital to achieve the maximum return on investment and achieve the proposed business success.

Starting a new business is always a reason for joy and even more so, when the entrepreneur decides to take a step forward by starting his journey through the brand of a franchise recognized in the market.

The franchise a priori, gives a greater sense of security as it is not a completely new project, but already part of a minimum trajectory in the market, both consolidated as a brand, and through a wide range of customers. That is why, before acquiring a franchise, we recommend that you know the advantages and disadvantages of franchises to create a business.

However, there are more and more franchises appearing in the market with succulent and attractive offers that in many occasions are no more than a pyramidal business, whose main objective is based on getting more affiliates and not betting on the growth of the already created franchises.

In this article we will analyze some of the criteria for choosing a franchise.

Factors to choose a franchise

What should you consider when choosing a franchise? These are the key elements that we must take into account to decide on a franchise.

Testimonials and opinions

The Internet is a huge platform where all kinds of information about companies converge. Most of the most relevant franchises have testimonials and opinions from both franchisees and customers who bet on that brand.

Informing yourself about this will help you avoid possible scams or embark on a project with a brand that is denigrated by poor customer service, a bad product, etc.

Transparency and clarity

Apart from the promises for the future, it is important that the franchise is able to transmit with total clarity what its metrics and market objectives are, the business performance that the other franchisees have achieved, their experience in a certain sector, whether it has a management manual or franchise bible, etc.

In the end you must take into account that you are going to invest a very valuable money and time in a project already created. Likewise, do not embark if that firm does not give you sufficient guarantees to trust it. If they are reluctant to show you real numbers, ask for them, and if they do not make this task easier, opt for another, more transparent franchise.

Research the competition

Although in the advertising documents of the franchise, it always appears positioned as a leader in its sector, it is important that you are careful when conducting the market study and assess whether the existing competition may be an obstacle in the development of your project.

How does the franchise position itself with respect to price? Is it offering a product aimed at a wide range of the market, or is it rather specific? Is it a necessary good or an accessory expense?


A franchise usually requires more investment and expenses than starting a business from scratch. Therefore, before you seriously commit yourself to a brand, make sure you have the necessary investment to start the franchise with the essential economic support.

If you require financing for your company, find out about the most favourable banks to invest in franchise and entrepreneurial projects, the interest at which they will provide you with the money and the conditions of the loan.

Analysis of objectives

Starting a franchise means a change in the lifestyle of the person who becomes an entrepreneur. Starting a business of this type is a real professional revolution, which can change the priorities and objectives of the entrepreneur’s life.

So, you must be very clear about what you want to achieve by being the owner of a business: how many hours you want to work, what kind of tasks you would like to perform, how much money you can invest and how much time you would need to recover the investment?

If you are thinking of creating a company and you have decided on the franchise as a business model, we recommend that you think hard about which franchise you are going to choose. Simply with these tips on how to choose a franchise you will be able to know more or less which franchise is best for you.